by Ana-Marija


Hello, world.
These are the words usually reserved for first posts. This one isn’t my first and hopefully, neither is it my last. Rather, this is the post that is supposed to make you feel at home. And the one that will help me break the ice. This is the moment when dinner guests knock on your door and you’re so happy to see them, but also slightly nervous because dinner isn’t quite ready yet and there is that little extra something you could have done, but didn’t have the time to. So, let me open my virtual door for you and take your coat. Make yourself at home.

I subscribe to Paul Jarvis’s Sunday newsletter and I believe it was in one of those that I read the following: ‘Launched is better than perfect’. So even though there are a million things I’d hoped to do before the moment I invite you in, I realized it would take too much time. Seize the day and do what you can, the rest will find a way of sorting itself out – that has been my motto for the past year so I am applying it here too.

So… Welcome.

Welcome to this new space of mine. Ever since the publication of my What’s Cooking in Dubrovnik cookbook and the beautiful reactions I got from people from all over the world, I’ve been thinking of starting a blog in English. There are so many recipes, interesting cultural tidbits and discoveries to share that it would be such a shame to let the opportunity slip. So here I am, eager to help you discover Croatian cuisine, the intricacies of our ways and hoping to make some new friends along the way.

My Croatian blog has been quite rigid in format, i.e. almost all the posts start with a lengthy headnote and end with a recipe. Even though I love this kind of writing, I will allow myself a bit more freedom here and seek out intriguing people and collaborations you might find interesting. I will teach you how to make some typical Croatian and Dalmatian food. I will explain the origins of some of our traditional dishes. I will take you to some of my favorite places in Dubrovnik and when possible, give you tips on how to enjoy Dubrovnik like a local.

Before I make too many promises, full disclosure: as a mother of a micro preemie, most of the time my schedule is quite busy so please excuse me in advance if I skip a week or two of blogging. If I’m not here, this means that life has interfered. And hoping this won’t often be the case, once again… Welcome. I am looking forward to this new journey of ours.

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