Advent wreath workshop – The School by Pantarul

by Ana-Marija

This is so boring. I wish I could be doing something different now. Maybe a workshop. Yes, I’d love that. But there are none I’d like to take in Dubrovnik that I haven’t already taken. Aaaah. Nothing going on here. You need to go to Zagreb for every.single.interesting.thing. Etc… etc… etc.

And then I had an idea (aaah, not again? I can almost hear my family saying).  The School by Pantarul – mini courses on all the good stuff in life.

To cut a long story short – we are talking about six workshops, one each month sfrom November until April. We started with Christmas wreaths, the next one is ceramics and then coffee, wine, photography and cooking.

The first session took place on Monday evening. Kristina Skvrce, a creative genius and my go-to florist showed us how to make a rich, natural Advent wreath using a straw base and branches you can easily harvest in or near Dubrovnik.

When I see all the amazing wreaths the participants took home, all I can say is: wow. Mine wasn’t as spectacular because I wasn’t paying attention in class, but I took a remedial The School by Pantarul class at home and polished it a bit – I’ll show you the result soon.

There was some music, a lot of serious work (not even joking, some of the participants broke a sweat), almond tea in beautiful Marinski mugs (more on that soon too), a glass of wine or two and some vanilla almond crescents I’d baked the night before.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. So dear  VSP video  people – thanks a million for adroitly fitting several hours of good mood and laughter into a single minute!  ツ


The next session is on 7th Dec and we will be learning how to make our own cup! #CantWaitツ

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