Krivaja grapes

by Ana-Marija

No recipe this time, just a heads-up. If you happen to be in Dubrovnik at the moment, or to be more precise, not just now, but rather any year at the end of September, visit the farmers’ market and be on the lookout for krivaja. This is a grape variety  that you won’t find in many parts of Croatia, and it is pretty rare even on a European level – often cultivated only by enthusiasts and grape variety collectors (yes, that’s a thing).

In Croatia, krivaja (international names: Cornichon blanc or Pizzutello bianco) is cultivated in the southernmost part of the coast and on the islands of Central Dalmatia and due to its peculiar oblong shape, in some local dialects it is called kozje sise i.e. ‘goat’s teats’.

Krivaja grapes


Krivaja grapes

Krivaja grows in warm and sheltered places and is very sensitive to changes in weather. Its taste is mild and pretty neutral, sometimes on the sweeter side.

You won’t see it in the market that often, but if you do, grab a bunch or two, leave them in the fridge for a couple of hours and enjoy them plain. These beauties don’t need enhancing.

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